• Total of 8 properties sourced in a 10 month window
  • Timed markets perfectly between 2020 and 2021
  • Did multiple strategies of bread and butters with big discounts, 1 x duplex deal that has doubled in value after 18 months and a granny deal that has similarly doubled in 24 months and runs at $18k per annum net passive  

34 Year old broker with a young family who wanted to create serious change in his life.

  • After buying a property with another buyers agent he reached out to Sam after hearing him on a podcast and Sam sourced him also the same deal that the other buyers agent did for $317k, Sam sourced his for $280k
  • After his point, Nick and Stef geared up and bought property after property after releasing equity from each deal 90 days after procurement 

Total portfolio value now sitting at x

Total Passive income now sitting at x

He has 9 or 10 residential properties and 2 x commercial properties with his wife.