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Our Services


Our team of buyers agents, have feet on the ground experience in the area’s we buy in. We spend a tremendous amount of time researching developing relationships and negotiating hard to secure the best deal for you. Holding your hand right the way through to settlement.


Our project management team are the best in the business, here to assist you with your reno's and construction projects. We’ve got trusted operators in every area we invest in to ensure seamless project management from start to finish.

Our Proven Strategy


The first stage of our process is a one on one strategy session to get a clear understanding of your knowledge, experience and goals. The key outcome being that we are all on the same page before we start this journey.


At this stage we reverse engineer your goals and create a tailored strategy specific to you and what you're trying to achieve. As a basic example, if your goal was to create a $100,000 per annum passive income we would build out a portfolio of 4 properties yielding $25,000 per annum each.


We work to establish a suitable timeframe in which we can achieve these goals. We take into consideration your personal finances, borrowing capacity and desired speed of accumulation. These factors will guide us to the frequency of purchases.


A lot of our clients want to understand and learn the investing process. So before we source you a property, we will educate you on why we are buying in a particular area and how each deal that we bring to you will impact your portfolio and help it grow / achieve your goal.


We utilise our extensive networks and connections to find you the right property. We will provide you with an extensive report on both the area and property to make the decision easy. We will negotiate the best price on the deal on your behalf and hand hold you through to settlement.


We will inform you on what is needed at each step of the process and give you access to our team of experts. When you have built enough equity to reinvest we will alert you and start the process again.

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