Who We Are

Australian Property Scout is an investment Buyers Agency service that sources high quality investment properties right across Australia. We have a very proven way of buying property all thanks to our expertly crafted investment strategies and negotiating ability.

Our mission is to retire 500 people by 2030, which is where you come into the picture!

Sam Gordon

Owner and Director of Australian Property Scout

Sam Gordon, is an avid property investor who built a property portfolio of 20+ properties within his 20’s and retired from the workforce. If you think he’s stopped investing since you’d be mistaken. Check out the portfolio breakdown on our podcasts.

Sam, originally a farmer from the southern regions of New South Wales has built a portfolio through multiple cycles in the Australian property market. APS clients use the same strategies that Sam used in his own success, to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes & achieve their financial goals.

Our Services


Our team of buyers agents, have feet on the ground experience in the area’s we buy in. We spend a tremendous amount of time researching developing relationships and negotiating hard to secure the best deal for you. Holding your hand right the way through to settlement.


Our project management team are the best in the business, here to assist you with your reno's and construction projects. We’ve got trusted operators in every area we invest in to ensure seamless project management from start to finish.

Need More Proof?

Many clients have come to APS with small deposits and achieved great results.

Don’t believe us? Go to our client testimonials page to see reviews, case studies & video testimonials from many clients who have achieved extraordinary results through the help of the APS team. Some first timers, other experienced investors and business owners looking to take their portfolio to big heights.

What We Do

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